Current Events

  • Summer's over already?

    I graduated, I traveled a bit, I started a few new projects, and I'm teaching some really exciting classes at the Maine College of Art and Southern Maine Community College this semester! Here's a quick list of all that has been happening and will be going on this fall:

    1. Penland! I ventured down to North Carolina for a class with Bryan Baker and LEARNED SO MUCH, met some incredible people, and had enough fun to last me for years. YEARS. 

    2. This summer I began the Master Printer program at Wolfe Editions. I'm thrilled to be working with David and Sean and the variety of clients they have. I am learning a ton, and will most likely be adding occassional tid bits to the blog from this adventure for the next year or so.

    3. Anne and I have a show coming up at the new and exciting space that is Engine in Biddeford! Opening on September 27th, We will be exhibiting our individual and collaborative works, complete with a live npilar show on October 18th. which reminds me, we had this great show called Just Give Up! at the ICA at MeCA this summer. Thanks everyone for coming!

    4. I have a show coming up at the University of Maine at Augusta! October 27-December 14th. It will be a group show with two of my MFA cohorts; Toni Jo Coppa and Jeff Cambell, this will be a mindbender, to say the least. 

    5. The wonderful people at the St. Botolfs Foundation will be showing my work at thier Emerging Artist Exhibition in October.

    6. I'll be at the Farnsworth Museum on October 16th on a panel titled: Art as Social Practice. I'm very excited to be a part of this discussion. 

    7. The Tired Press made a whole bunch of postcards at the MidCoast Makers Faire in Camden, Maine last weekend, and boy was that fun. The Facebook Page for the Tired Press is the easiest and most updated, so if you're curious about it, please check it out!

    8. I've been trying as hard as I can to update this site, so far unsuccessfully. I'll be reworking the portfolio over the next few months. Please sign up for my mailing list inthe meantime. I will also be combining the Tired Press site with this site, as soon as I either figure out proper time management methods or hire some minions. 

    9. You can come take a peek into my studio & the genius that is Pickwick Independent Press in October for our Open Studios event on October 11. Sign up for my mailing list and i'll send you an invite!

    10. I have one more project in the works, but it's TOP SECRET! I just like to have an even number on my lists. JUST YOU WAIT!

  • May 10, 2013!

    May 10, 2013!

    I'm in the midst of producing an interactive installation for our MFA Thesis Exhibition at the ICA at MeCA.

    Printmaking, Sculpture, Participation, oh my! 

    My fellow candidates in the MFA program all make really incredible work, so the show is sure to be a fascinating one. Please try and stop by : 

    Opening: May 10th, 5-8 pm

    The show will be up May 10- June 2, 2013

    My cohorts!:

    Sandra Lapage

    Carlos Pileggi

    Toni Jo Coppa

    Marina Eckler

    Brian Dimmock

    Altman Studeny

    Eric Nichols

    Robin Long-Jordon

    Joyce Wong

    Jeffrey Cambell

    Maria Liebana

    Gregor Roth

    Ben Severns

    Adam Robertson

  • Spring is almost here, I'm almost a Master, and our radio show is almost real!

    It's a pretty quiet winter over here in Portland. My second winter here, and while it wasn't the terribly hard one that was forecasted, it has been enough. Luckily, I think we just heard the click of springtime in the past few days. People are smiling again, birds are cheeseburgering, and the slog through January and February is done. Now it's just a slip-n-slide to summer, and I can just tell I'm gonna get soaked over the next few months... (in a good way, I assure you.) It's my final semester in grad school and I'm chipping away at my thesis paper and project... might be why you haven't heard from me in a bit! A really fun side project that not surpisingly and conveniently connected to my studio practice and thesis work is npilar; an analog radio show my friend Anne Buckwalter and I have been recording on cassette tape semi-weekly since December. Anne has a fantastic show up at Space this month, and in lieu of an artist's talk, we are taping a live episode on March 13th. we also have a facebook page, so please like us if you are so inclined!

    Also: Hoo Boy!, I'm INCREDIBLY HONORED to be a giving 2 Artist talks this spring!

    The first is a talk and workshop at my undergrad alma mater Ithaca College  with the Advanced Printmaking Class on March 29th. stay tuned for more information!

    and on April 18th, I'll be giving a talk at MeCA about my work. The lineup of visiting artists and talks this semester is really really great, so please do check them out!

    May 12th is the day I'll ( fingers crossed) I'll graduate- and May 11th is the opening of our thesis show. It's going to be great, so come on over to the ICA at Meca!

    wow, lots of opportunities to listen to me talk in the next few months....

  • January 2013 Events

    Printivale! on the road!

    Artist Curator Extraordinaire Erin Sweeney launched a successfull kickstarter campaign to take the whole kit and kaboodle out to Canton, Ohio to Translations Gallery. The show will be up through February so, go take a look!  I'm so honored to be amongst some really incredible artists that include, but certainly not limited to: Erin Sweeney, Bryan Baker, Amanda D'amico, Amanda Benton, Paige Simpson, Bobby Rosenstock, David Twiss, Amos Kennedy... Oh wow, this is a really great show. 

    Translations Gallery and Lovely in the Home Press on Face book have uploaded a bunch of great photos so please seek those out. 

    For further reading about the show at the sharon arts center:


    Other current happenings include: me working on my thesis as well as a number of great commissions, portfolio exchanges, and just plain havin' fun in the studio before my last semester at school begins in February. Keep an eye on my studio blog for further details!

  • September Events

    Printivale! in Peterborough, New Hampshire. September 7th- October 27th, 2012.

    The Rocking Chairs will be on display, and The Tired Press will be at the opening event! 

    more photos to come on the blog.

  • July & August

    Ok I admit, I'm publishing this after the fact, but I cant help it- This summer flew by!

    July FIrst Friday, Portland: Free Street Zand Head Gallery. Tired Press prints a story, one word at a time....  

    July 4th: Horny Toad/ Nau Store. in Freeport, Tired Press in a retail space. What fun!

    August First Friday, Portland: Art in a truck! Carlos Pileggi, Sigrid Harmon and I will be installing our individual and collaborative art projects within a moving truck. Local Muscle Moving Company generously seeks out artists to feature when they turn the truck into a gallery on first fridays. GENIUS. Overheard: someone said it was like the truckducken of printmaking- had I only been on roller skates! More photos to be featured on the blog. 

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... 

  • June Events

    Things settle down a bit this month as my summer intensive semester begins, but there are still lots of exciting things happening in and around the studio:

    Keep an eye on Tired Press Future Events page for spaces and places you can find me out and about with the bike!

    June 23: Artifact Handmade Book Fair, Chattanooga, Tennesse. This promses to be an incredible show featuring national and international artists. I have the pleasure of co-curating the show, having some of my own favorite pieces in the show as well as making the poster! lots of photos to come...

  • May Events

    I've got some work in the Pickwick Independent Press Show at Rose Contemporary Gallery

    and of course, I submitted a monster for the Free for All Moster Show. You can see it at the lovely Pinecone & Chicadee on Free Street in Portland

    The Tired Press has official events as well:

    May 5th: the big debut at the Telling Rooms Big Night Annual Event.

    May 19th: at the Farmers Market in Deering Oaks, as a part of Space Gallery's Bike Month: